No assignment holds any secrets for VERBRAEKEN INFRA .

Since 1966, Verbraeken Infra has been an important player in the market of underground and overhead infrastructure.

As a customer, you can benefit from a qualified work carried out by motivated, trained and experienced staff. A modern and extensive own machine park, ongoing investments and ongoing renewal of our machinery as well as years of accrued know-how guarantee innovative working methods.

We tackle complex and difficult tasks. In your problems and questions, we see solutions and opportunities.

You can concentrate all your energy on new projects while we transform your ideas into reality. If desired, from design to the commissioning, including associated maintenance.

We join forces with our partners of Infra, if necessary. So, we are involved today in projects in Europe and North Africa. Each partner excels in their own field of expertise and contributes to the overall solution.

We complete your project within the agreed timeframe and budget, with safety, quality and environment in mind.


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In your problems and questions
we see solutions and opportunities.


Earth and roadworks

The excavation teams of Verbraeken Infraare familiar with digging in highly urbanised areas. By deploying appropriate teams and adapted equipment, we can reduce the implementation time to an absolute minimum, with due respect for the environment and existing underground infrastructure. For complex excavations in the vicinity of high-risk existing pipelines, we have ground vacuum trucks that suck up the soil around the pipe and thereforeminimisethe risk of excavation damage.After backfilling the trench, we repair the road surface. There is only one SPOC for the entire process: Verbraeken Infra.




You can call on Verbraeken Infra for the installation of pipelines, sewers, water mains, process piping and district heating. Indeed, you can rely onexperienced installation teams, along with teams of fitters, welders and engineers to process these pipes of steel, HDPE, glass-fiber reinforced plastic, concrete, PVC, PPand ductile iron. We do not only carry out the work, we can also do the engineering, obtaining the permits and, after completion, maintaining and monitoring your pipes. For interventions in emergencies, you can rely on our 24/24 call-out service as indeed, emergencies require quick solutions!



Electrical works

Electricity is the energy source of the future. The existing network which, since the introduction of decentralised production,has beenchargedin two directions, will be expanded considerably in the next few years. Verbraeken Infrais actively involved in the development of this network. For transmission utilities, we install new underground transmission cables on a daily basis, and Verbraeken Infrais available day and night to guarantee the continued supply of power in case of emergencies. On behalf of the distribution utilities, we install hundreds of kilometres of medium- and low-voltage cables annually and we alsoconnect their customers.Converting and renewing high-voltage cabins, and placing and maintaining public lighting are also in our field of expertise.




A world without telecommunications is unthinkable. Over the past decades, Verbraeken Infrahas actively worked to build the infrastructure that makes this communication possible, from the telecom operator to the customer’s habitation or office. Besides the installation of the traditional copper and coaxial cable, we have installed hundreds of kilometres of backbone glass fibre infrastructure (at home and abroad) and each day, we are helping to develop and increase this network’s capacity. Verbraeken Infra is your partner for the further “glass fibrication” of the network, Fiber To The Home and Fiber To The Office.



HDD and pipejacking

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a trenchless technique used for the installation of underground infrastructure, for example when crossing major roads, railways, rivers and canals. Verbraeken Infra has been market leader in this technology since 1992.

This technique is complementary to, and seamlessly fits perfectly withour other specialisms. Thanks to the flexibility and knowledge of our drill teams and the extensive park of rigs, we have the right solution for every job. Verbraeken Infra is the specialist for drilling in complex geology, such as rock and gravel.

This technique is ideally suited as an alternative implementation method for the traditional digging of a trench for installing cables and pipes.Due to the combination ofa minimum impact on the environment, and the speed of execution and the very limited recovery of the roads, this technique of drillings represents an economical and full-fledged solution in terms of planning.

We also offer pipe jacking as an alternative solution to directional drilling.



Integral infrastructure works and design

If you have a project and are looking for one partner for the complete realisation, Verbraeken Infra offers a complete solution for studies, permits, implementation and maintenance. Our in-house engineering office and project engineers develop for you the best technical and economical solution within the constraints set by you and the currentregulation. We therefore guarantee the full completion of your project within budget and the agreed timeframe. Our project manager will remain your contact throughout the entire process. In short, Verbraeken Infra offers a turnkey solution, enabling you to focus on your core business at 100%.